Minutes of May 17, 2018 Board of Directors Meeting

Held at the HOA Clubhouse

CALL TO ORDER:  Mike Grillo called the meeting to order at 7:05 PM.

Roll call: Members present, President Mike Grillo, Vice President John Sawyer,Treasurer Wayne Kankelfitz, Member at Large Pat Byrne, and Secretary Patricia Kankelfitz.

MINUTES APPROVED:  The minutes of the April 19, 2018 meeting had been previously provided to all HOA members.  Mike made a motion to approve the minutes, Pat seconded, motion carried.

TREASURER’S REPORT:  The report is on the bulletin board in the clubhouse and also found on the Oak Hollow Estates Website. All bills are paid and all transfers between accounts are made.  Patti made a motion to approve the treasurer’s report, Mike G. seconded, motion carried.

To date 47 members have paid their 2019 dues.  All dues are due on May 31, 2018

Patti made a motion to approve the April Treasurer’s report, Pat seconded and motion carried.


A. Architectural Control (Grillo/Byrne, Hainey)  Two requests were made and approved for painting their homes.

B. Clubhouse (Byrne/Carmichael)  In order.

C. Grounds (Sawyer/Lackey) In order.

D. Pool (Sawyer/Ligon)  The pool needs its annual inspection by the city of Kerrville, Mike will take care of it.

E. Safety and Security (Byrne/Valdez, Williamson, Mettlach, Bolger) Pat reported two vendors were going door to door this past month.  Pat approached them and told them they needed a permit from the Police to sell in Kerrville.

F. Website (W. Kankelfitz/Janus)  Janus Lindo is the person to get in touch with if there is a change on our website.

Note:  If any of you print anything from our website and no longer need the information, please be sure and shred it so the information does not get into any other people’s hands.  Eg: Real Estate agents, banks, businesses, etc.

G. Welcoming (P. Kankelfitz/Jessica Sawyer)  Seabrook is getting the welcoming packets ready to give to Jessica.  There are several homes for sale in our area so look out for new neighbors and welcome them.


Lien update: a certified letter has been sent to the homeowner who is in arrears.  If their dues are not paid by May 31, 2018, a lien will be placed on their property.  The board has the authority to file liens as per our lawyer and CC&Rs.


A volley ball net for the pool is in the clubhouse closet for anyone to use.

Patti bought a new hose and hose reel for the north side of the clubhouse so the tree and bushes can be watered.

Peg Hainey donated the logs for the fire place in the clubhouse.  It has been said the fire place does not draw properly with a wood fire so it is not used.

Pat will look into having a white stripe painted on the edge of steps as at night it is hard to see the edge of the steps.

A motion was made by Mike to cancel the June and July meetings as so many of the board members are gone during the summer, seconded by Patti.  Motion carried.

If anything important comes up pertaining to the HOA a meeting can be called by any member of the board.

Mike made a motion to adjourn the meeting, Pat seconded the motion Motion carried.  Meeting ended at 7:45 pm.

Next regular board meeting will be August 26, 2018 at the clubhouse.